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Trail Conditions

Our trails to Thurso, Lac D'Argile and le Mulet have been dragged!

Please note the the RIVER IS OPENED UP, and as a result, the detour around the lake must be taken. 

Spring conditions, please be safe!

The GPS’s are not properly functioning in the dozers, so the information will be more accurate here than the interactive map.

For more details on the latest trail conditions, please visit
The interactive map lets you see when the trail has last been dragged! (0-72hrs)



Regional Trail 323 (Thurso) to
Lac la Blanche

Trail Condition: good conditions

Dragged on March 16th, the bull dozed part has been dragged so is much better. 


Clubhouse North to
Trans-Québec 43 (Reserve Papineau-Labelle)

Trail Condition: good conditions

Dragged on March 15th


Regional Trail 323 LAC LA BLANCHE to

Trail Condition: good conditions

Dragged on March 16th


Local Trail LAC LA BLANCHE to L'Ange-Gardien

Trail Condition: good conditions

We couldn't find weather data of your location at this time!

Reminder : Annual Poker Run this Saturday, March 3rd. 

Buy your trail pass online!

As of this year, trail passes will be sold through one centralized location: the FCMQ website.

If you wish to support your local club, you will have to manually select us from a drop down menu. The Hill and Gully Riders are Club 766.

Many people are not aware that $180 of the trail pass GOES TO THE CLUB you buy it from!

Please visit to buy your trail permit, and don’t forget to select our club!

We thank you in advance for your support, as it is essential to a wonderful season for all.